ZEHO ECO won the first prize of the 2022 CHSLA Award (Planning and Design Award)

2023/01/16 828

The 2022 Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA) Award was announced! 2016 Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition Core Area Landscape Greening Project - The Central Axis Area Wolong Mountain Landscape Greening Design from ZEHO ECO won the first prize.

The CHSLA Award is set up to improve the planning and design, engineering construction technology and the overall scientific and technological level of the industry, improve the scientific and technological innovation ability of the industry, and speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. This award has three sub-awards, namely the Landscape Engineering Award, the Science and Technology Progress Award and the Planning and Design Award. It is an authoritative award approved by the National Science and Technology Award Work Office and included in the List of Social Science and Technology Awards, which is the highest honor in landscape architecture technology in China.

Award Certification

Award-winning Project: 2016 Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition Core Area Landscape Greening Project - The Central Axis Area Wolong Mountain Landscape Greening Design


Since 2008, ZEHO ECO has carried out ecological restoration and comprehensive treatment of the South Lake in Tangshan, Hebei Province, transforming the former coal mining subsidence area and industrial and mining wasteland into the “green lung” and “oxygen bar” in the center of Tangshan urban area. In April of the next year, the South Lake Central Park was completed and opened, realizing the transformation from urban brown land to the central park. After the site of the 2016 World Horticultural Exposition was in Tangshan South Lake Central Park, the company carried out the overall design and core area construction of the World Horticultural Exposition based on the concept of ecological priority, protection priority, conservation priority and green development, helping the South Lake realize the second upgrade from the Central Park to the World Horticultural Exposition.

Restored South Lake Central Park

Wolong Mountain landscaping is a key landscape project in the core area of the 2016 Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition, on the central axis of the World Horticultural Exposition Park. The Wolong Mountain before the restoration is the gathering and filling ground of various construction wastes, power plant fly ash and other industrial wastes in Tangshan. Based on the theory of restoration ecology, Zhenghe combines the geotechnical engineering technology with the ecological engineering technology to repair the urban brown land, which not only ensures the stability and safety of the fly ash mountain but also rationally uses the waste resources, creates a multi-level ecological system, gradually establishes a healthy, stable and sustainable mountain ecological internal circulation model, and becomes a bright core landscape of the World Horticultural Exposition.

Wolong Mountain after restoration

Today, over 220 kinds of plants in the park are lush, with a greening rate of 65%, a water area of 11.5 square kilometers, and over 100 kinds of wild birds inhabit the park. The improvement of the urban environment brought by the extensive area of park green space has increased the value of the surrounding land of the South Lake Ecological City and attracted many tourists to visit. The Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition has shown the world the achievements of Tangshan earthquake resistance reconstruction, ecological governance and restoration, and it is also a symbol card for Tangshan to realize the transformation and sustainable development of a resource-based city. In 2020, the project was selected into the list of “Typical Cases of Ecological Product Value Realization” (the second batch) compiled and issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

2016 Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition

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