ZEHO ECO made a keynote speech in the COP15 Chinese Pavilion and released the “Kingdom of Life” natural park product

2022/12/21 673

China's achievements on biodiversity conservation are being shared at the 15th Conference of the Parties, or COP15, through the launch of the China Pavilion in Montreal.

On December 17, ZEHO ECO made a speech at the COP15 China Pavilion to share the company’s vision and practice of “being a pioneer practitioner and active educator in biodiversity conservation” for many years, and released the “Kingdom of Life” natural park product.

ZEHO ECO attended the 7th Summit for Subnational Governments & Cities and its associated Pavilion at CBD COP 15 in Montreal, Canada

Being a Pioneer in Biodiversity Conservation

Ms. Zhang Yijun, Chairman of ZEHO ECO, introduced the general situation of ZEHO ECO to the participants, and took three projects of Dali Erhai Lake, Tangshan Nanhu Lake and Putian Blue Bay as examples to show the practical experiences of ZEHO ECO in protecting biological diversity with Nature-based Solutions (NbS).

Ms. Zhang Yijun, Chairman of ZEHO ECO, introduced the corporate practice of biodiversity conservation

The Ecological Restoration and Wetland Construction Project of the Lakeside Buffer Zone around the Erhai Lake is the successful implementation of the Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in China. ZEHO ECO deeply explores the significance of biodiversity for protecting the Erhai Lake by reshaping the natural space, improving the healthy lake ecosystem, forming a sustainable self-management system, adding a low-interference service system, and protecting the natural sacred heritage of the Erhai Lake, allowing nature to do its work, and creating a natural, healthy and sustainable lakeside buffer zone for water purification and ecological recovery. After the restoration, the lakeside buffer zone returned to its natural state, and the “water quality vane” Ottelia acuminata and “star waterfowl” purple water pheasant returned to the Erhai Lake, and the richness of animals and plants was significantly improved.

The Ecological Restoration and Wetland Construction Project of the Lakeside Buffer Zone around the Erhai Lake

The Tangshan Nanhu Lake Project is a typical case of the realization of the value of ecological products. In order to solve the water quality problem of the Nanhu Lake, ZEHO ECO focused on the ecological treatment and ecological restoration of the waterfront, used ecological engineering methods to repair and maintain the stability of the damaged natural environment, and transformed a 30-square-kilometer coal mining subsidence area into an urban central ecological park, and held a world-famous horticultural event. The restored Nanhu Lake has become the “urban back garden” that Tangshan is proud of. Over 220 kinds of plants are luxuriant, and nearly 100 kinds of wild birds reappear in the Nanhu Lake. The surrounding climate is more pleasant, the city is more livable, and the environment is more beautiful. It has successfully driven the development of surrounding industries, achieving a win-win situation of ecological, economic, and social value.

Tangshan Nanhu Lake

Putian Blue Bay Project, through the restoration of the coastal ecosystem, allows the new coastal wetland to reproduce the ecological beauty of clean water and green shore. After the construction, egrets fly back to the wetland and stroll through it. If you are in the picture, the beauty of biodiversity will also spread to the public.

Putian Blue Bay

She said that the continuous practice and construction process in the past 25 years has made ZEHO ECO’s experience and deep feelings in ecological protection grow with each passing day. With this accumulation and love, ZEHO ECO launched the “Kingdom of Life” natural park product, hoping to achieve education and communication through the way of education and entertainment, to drive more teenagers to understand and cherish biological diversity, and actively take part in the action.

Being an Acative Educator of Biodiversity Conservation

Ms. Gao Qian, Vice President of Industrial Operation, released the concept and related planning of the Kingdom of Life product for the first time at the meeting. After years of continuous cultivation in ecological protection, ZEHO ECO believes that the theme of biodiversity has a very full natural connotation, and there is a lot of space for content, scene, experience and further interest. The demand and enthusiasm of the public for experiencing and getting close to the ecological space are increasing with the acceleration of the urban rhythm, and local cities also have the demand for the renewal of the ecological space.

Gao Qian introduces highlights of Kingdom of Life product

In response to these needs, the “Kingdom of Life” product came into being and was positioned as an IP nature park with the theme of Chinese original biodiversity. In the park, visitors will feel the magnificent epic of the evolution of life on the earth, explore the richness and diversity of life, reveal the internal driving force of species diversity, and work together to protect the future of biodiversity.

China’s original biodiversity theme IP nature park

In the “Kingdom of Life” nature park, butterflies, nighthawks, fireflies, elk, mushrooms and other life will be transformed into interesting cartoon images, embedded in every venue, every corner, and even extinct animals and plants. With the help of virtual technology, they will also become lifelike. The children will become the “ecological guardians” in the story to explore and experience the immersive experience created by amusement facilities and virtual reality. In the play, children will not only get “cool” and “interesting” emotional experience but also gradually understand the nature and a variety of creatures. They will be psychologically familiar with and close to them and imperceptibly establish the awareness of protecting biodiversity and protecting colorful terrestrial homes.

Mysterious Guardians of Ecology

The park includes four standard theme modules: the origin of species, the colorful planet, the natural code, and the future world: the origin of species, an epic of the evolution of life on the earth spanning 4.6 billion years; Colorful planets, explore the colorful life world, light up children’s natural cognition; The natural code reveals the evolution of nature, science and technology and humanity; In the future world, we will build a harmonious earth home between human and nature in the new ecology and new species in the future. Different local parks will combine local culture and create X-Part local characteristic modules.

4 theme modules+1 local feature module

Gao Qian said that it was a great honor to release the relevant process of “Kingdom of Life” product at the COP15 China Pavilion. We hope to invite relevant governments, institutions and enterprises to make concerted efforts to launch a batch of high-quality ecological products with distinctive ecological protection education and cultural demonstration significance around the world, and jointly protect our earth home through the way of education and entertainment.

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